Automotive Diagnostics — Communication Control

Arun Kumar
Jun 27, 2021


Consider you are working on diagnosing a fault in a vehicle and there comes a need to disable some of the CAN message, one can do so by communication control (0x28) service.

Different subfunctions supported communication control are

Important points about communication control

  • The data parameters in the request message would depend on the sub-function selected.
  • The two data parameters for communication control are
  1. Communication Type
  2. Node Identification Number
  • A node identification number is used when a subfunction with Enhanced address information is selected which otherwise is optional
  • Communication Type is required for all the sub-functions selected and can be a value designed by the Engineer/designer/architect
  • The communication type is described below

Examples of message flow

Request message

Consider the request message from a client to enable Rx and Tx messaged from network management nodes

Positive response message

Negative response message



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